City Landmarks – Lady Dufferin Hospital

“Let’s stop and see Lady Dufferin?” My escort suddenly got excited and insisted that we make a stop. We have been driving for past one hour on and around MA ...


City Walk – Discovering City with a Poetess, a Novelist and a Stand up Artist

“So when did you arrive in Karachi” “When did I arrive in Karachi? Let’s see. I arrived here in Karachi in 1968, in a hospital” I turned around and had ...


City Secret – Beatles in Karachi

Thanks to Sami Shah (who recently tweeted link to the attachment) we are able to see this rare piece of the coverage of Beatles short transit time at Karachi airport.

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City Faith – Happy Night at Shri Swami Narayan

Karachi Walla’s happy night out. After an uneventful day at work, I ...
The lone warrior

City Shopping – Thomas & Thomas

Past Zainab Market and Regal chowk, life runs at a maddening pace. ...

City Walk – Balcony Watch

Balcony Watch. A frivolous activity in a world running at a maddening ...
Broken Wings

City Landmarks – Gora Qabrustan

A blind spot in city’s heart. A placid getaway in midst of ...

City Secert – Meeting Rashid Minhas

Rest in peace in Karachi. A childhood hero of every Pakistani. A ...
Dont disturb

City Shopping – Buying books at Regal Chowk

Surreal. There is something with this setting which makes it surreal. The ...

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City Landmarks – Nasheman Cinema

“The building’s shape is a riddle. We will see if you can figure it out at the end” Driving towards Nasheman Cinema on a bright sunny day in April, our last expedition to find the Crown Cinema had ended in shock and disappointment when we found debris where once the façade stood, a sense of […]

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City Life – Bookless in Saddar

Originally published on Dawn.com Photos By The Karachi Walla and Text by Yumna Rafi and The Karachi Walla Percy Bysshe Shelley once wrote “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought” these words befit Saddar, which was once a favourite haunt for Karachi’s bookworms, yet its current state exudes a profound sense of […]

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20 - Most og the Vespas in Ranchor lines are waiting for refurbishment

City Shopping – Vroom! Into the graveyard of Vespas we rode…

Originally published for Dawn.com I was at my apartment in Clifton, waiting for a friend. He did not show up on time, so I rang him up. My friend told me that he was here but the apartment chowkidar was not letting his Vespa enter the compound. I went downstairs and resolved the matter. Climbing […]

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City Life – The Car Cleaners at Do Talwar

These guys charge 100-250 for a car wash. Behind Irani Consulate, you could even see them from Do Talwar but it is when you drive from Mohatta Palace to Do Talwar that you see them waving in your face. Draped in Zainab Market clothing with yellow buckets for carrying water, you cant miss them even […]

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City Life – Monsoon Rain

It looked like a typical July Day with lots of clouds but no rain. However the scene changed right before the sunset. There was thunder, there was lightning and there was rain. I was at roadside cafe. All the staff took refuge under the roof except for one waiter who was from Thar Desert. He […]

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