City Landmarks – Lady Dufferin Hospital

“Let’s stop and see Lady Dufferin?” My escort suddenly got excited and insisted that we make a stop. We have been driving for past one hour on and around MA ...


City Life – Discovering City with a Poetess, a Novelist and a Stand up Artist

“So when did you arrive in Karachi” “When did I arrive in Karachi? Let’s see. I arrived here in Karachi in 1968, in a hospital” I turned around and had ...


City Secret – Beatles in Karachi

Thanks to Sami Shah (who recently tweeted link to the attachment) we are able to see this rare piece of the coverage of Beatles short transit time at Karachi airport.

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The lone warrior

City Landmarks – Thomas & Thomas

Past Zainab Market and Regal chowk, life runs at a maddening pace. ...

City Walk – Balcony Watch

Balcony Watch. A frivolous activity in a world running at a maddening ...
Broken Wings

City Landmarks – Gora Qabrustan

A blind spot in city’s heart. A placid getaway in midst of ...

City Secert – Meeting Rashid Minhas

Rest in peace in Karachi. A childhood hero of every Pakistani. A ...
Dont disturb

Karachi Life – Buying books at Regal Chowk

Surreal. There is something with this setting which makes it surreal. The ...

City Landmarks – The Mitharam Hostel

The Manifestation of an Idea by an Educationist ending up as barracks. ...

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City Landmarks – Karachi Drainage System

“I have found a tower from where they used to blow the siren in case of an air attack”, a friend called me on the phone “That must be something”, I said, not knowing what awaited me there. I drove there on a Sunday. I picked up my friend near Dow Hospital and he showed […]

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Short Stories – 2024

I woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth. My head was spinning and my whole body ached. There was a blinding light in the middle of my room, enough to trigger a migraine. I tried to move my hand to shelter my eyes from the light but realized that my hand was […]

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City Landmarks – Crown Cinema

“I want to see that cinema in Lyari”, I told my escort “Let’s avoid Lyari”, he told me I did not say anything but crossing next to Crown Cinema, I slowed my car and parked it right in front of the cinema. He had to oblige. The gate was shut. We knocked on it vehemently. […]

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City Landmarks – Church Mission School

Jinnah, Intekhab Alam, Mushtaq Mohammad, Sadiq Mohammad and Haroon Rasheed all went to Church Mission School. It will be interesting to know how this place become a nursery of a generation of great cricketers. The chowkidar was clueless about it. Perhaps the kids playing in the empty courtyard were the answer themselves. Let’s see what we know about the school. Colonel […]

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City Landmarks – Wazir Mansion

Wazir Mansion may be the birth place of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Nothing can be said with certainty about him in this country. Though everyone would love to own the rights to his birth place, his furniture and clothes, but no one would actually care what he was preaching all that time. In Muhammad Hanif’s words “I […]

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