City Notebook – 4th Karachi Literature Festival

I don’t understand a word he is saying. It’s French. Oh. Probably not. Because I can speak French. I turned back and had a good luck at the backbenchers. They ...


City Landmarks – Manora Lighthouse

Jewel of Manora’s Crown. Or is it? There is so much at this tiny strip of the land that it makes you wonder why is this place not flocked with ...


City Landmarks – The Freemasons Lodge

Jaadu Ghar. An Enigma. A Masterpiece of Masonry. Well, no surprises here. Perhaps you would expect such high standards for a temple of Freemasonry. Jaadu Ghar as common people knew ...

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The lone warrior

City Landmarks – Thomas & Thomas

Past Zainab Market and Regal chowk, life runs at a maddening pace. ...

City Walk – Balcony Watch

Balcony Watch. A frivolous activity in a world running at a maddening ...
Broken Wings

City Landmarks – Gora Qabrustan

A blind spot in city’s heart. A placid getaway in midst of ...

City Secert – Meeting Rashid Minhas

Rest in peace in Karachi. A childhood hero of every Pakistani. A ...
Dont disturb

Karachi Life – Buying books at Regal Chowk

Surreal. There is something with this setting which makes it surreal. The ...

City Landmarks – The Mitharam Hostel

The Manifestation of an Idea by an Educationist ending up as barracks. ...

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City Landmarks – Goolbai Maternity Home

I stopped in Al-Zahra, tearful and meditative, to cry out in the middle of the destroyed ruins “Oh, Zahra -said- come back to be!” But it told me: “May the deceased return?” Al-Sumaysir wrote these lines when he visited abandoned capital of Ummayya Caliphate of Al-Andalus. I felt for him. Requiem for the city! Our […]

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Short Stories – Ammi

I have never been a practicing Muslim but I fondly recall waking up at fajar and spreading my jai namaz next to her’s. I used to finish off my prayers quickly and wait for her to finish, but those prayers seemed never ending. After saying salam, she would turn and smile and say that it […]

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City Landmarks – Lady Dufferin Hospital

“Let’s stop and see Lady Dufferin?” My escort suddenly got excited and insisted that we make a stop. We have been driving for past one hour on and around MA Jinnah road and he was getting the hang of my liking. I followed his directions and we soon ended up on Lady Dufferin Hospital’s gate […]

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City Landmarks – Sevakunj Hostel (Addendum)

Original post: City Landmarks – Sevakunj Hostel Suggested Reading: Experience of an expat student living in Sevakunj Hostel In one of his works, Intizar Hussain sb compares old buildings to trees which have their roots deep inside people’s hearts. Phir Jeena marna, hasna roona, khana peena, everything revolves around such landmarks. And they remain forever […]

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City Landmarks – Gurdwara Ratan Talao

Ratan Talao. Always found the name fascinating. Phonetically soothing. Always been confused with the directions and forgot about it all until found this brilliant piece on it by Akhtar Balouch. I geared up for Sunday exploration after discussing it with friend who asked his colleague to show me the directions though someone has kindly marked […]

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