City Landmarks – Shrine Hazrat Syed Shah Hassan


One of the seven famous saints protecting Karachi from cyclones. Hazrat Syed Shah Hassan. Supposed to be a contemporary of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Not much is known about him. The text on the board was not much helpful either. It has been painted and repainted again and again causing The Karachi Walla migraine in the process of deciphering. Also it is probably the only shrine in Karachi where there is no Mutawalli. The last one turned Marxist and believes that cyclones are prevented by the Mangroves and not the shrine. He runs his own business now in a nearby settlement.

If you are heading to Steel town through National Highway then look for the first bridge (crossing the railway track) after toll plaza. Turn right immediately after the bridge and move forward on the bumpy road. You should reach Fauji Fertilizer plant after five minutes drive. Stick to the road and continue moving right and left as it takes you through the vast spaces of port qasim industrial area. Don’t turn on any of umpteen roads connecting with it. You should cross P&G plant and Descon Workshop after 15 minutes. Look for a big blue shade after these two landmarks. There is a road on your left before the shade. Turn left and after 200 meters turn right on a mud track (good enough for a car). You will be passing through swampy mangrove habitat. These sufi saints had an eye for peaceful and serene places.

The place is known as Russian Beach. It was set for development when Pakistan Steel Mill was erected with the help of Russians. This piece of land probably was chosen for development as a recreational spot for Russian Engineers and technicians who moved to Pakistan as part of technical exchange. It did not happen but the place is still an attraction for families. Even on a working day there was one family enjoying a meal in the boat. The place is very attractive for fishing enthusiasts as mangroves attract many species of fish.

The shrine itself attracts many people. There were six or seven devotees offering Fateha. No women though. The shrine is on a platform and offer a great view of the surrounding area. There is no recreational development around. Big chimneys of nearby plants make a backdrop. Mangroves on the other side. A boat was making its way through the calm sea. Time slowed down. So it seemed. The Karachi Walla fell in love with the place.

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One Comment on “City Landmarks – Shrine Hazrat Syed Shah Hassan”

  1. July 30, 2016 at 10:09 pm #

    There are three other graves on the platform also yet still others have recently been seen (which were not indicated when i made a visit on eid. Today i saw that four new graves are there with the names of “Bibi Basra”, Qasim Shah and Hussain Shah.
    I wonder who they are in the family of lineage of The Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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