City Culture – The Happy Street in Lyari

Karachi’s Happy Street. The streets in Lyari are dull, most of them without any paint. Therefore this particular street off Atmaram Pritamdas Road stand out and catch your attention from a distance. Painted with vivid colors, paved with envicrete tiles and decorated with occasional flower pots, the street could be mistaken to belong to some famous tourist destination.

Except that it is in the heart of Lyari.

This Particular street is where Kiran Foundation setup its library ten years back. Since then Sabina Khatri and her team at Kiran Foundation have been transforming lives and changing destiny of the area. Upliftment of the area is just another of several initiatives under its umbrella.

As I walk into the street, I notice that the street is exceptionally clean which is in deep contrast to surrounding area. It could perhaps be due to the sense of ownership and pride which the mohalla owners seem to have in the street. I am greeted by the chowkidar who works at Kiran Library. He tells me that more houses down the lane will be painted. As we speak few residents tell me that a news channel had come last week to document the street. I tell them that more will come. It’s a beautiful story in a city often void of inspiration. However a lot of people will perhaps underestimate the hard work which must have been put to win trust of the people of the area, something which is a pre-requisite for such initiatives.


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One Comment on “City Culture – The Happy Street in Lyari”

  1. March 20, 2018 at 1:46 pm #

    Can you guide the accurate location of this street. Please

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