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City Nostalgia – Work Party

City Nostalgia - Work Party

Fatimah Jinnah at “work party” which stitched clothes for refugees.
Photo Credits: Margaret Bourke-White for Life Magazine

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City Nostalgia – Guide to Karachi

Credits: Guide to Karachi Below is the Guide to Karachi published for U.S. Soldiers who were stationed in Karachi during World War two. Karachi Goan Association Hall was turned into temporary barracks for these soldiers. Also attached is the menu for the soldiers.

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City Nostalgia – 40’s Vintage Ads

These Ads appeared in ‘Guide to Karachi’ for American Soldiers stationed in Karachi during World War 2. Obviously the target market was American Soldiers which explains outright opportunism shown in some of the advertisements. Interesting regardless. Credits: Guide to Karachi

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City Nostalgia – 70’s Vintage Ads

These Ads appeared in SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Centenary Souvenir. Its funny how many people were interested in regulation of Animal Rights in 70’s. Not like these days. When choice of our interests is as sophisticated as a vegetarian’s taste in juicy steaks. Advertisements are interesting regardless. Many conclusion can be […]

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City Nostalgia – Life of an Expat Student

Note: Thassim Akbar, A Sri Lankan student spent five years at NED from 1971 to 1976. Following is the first part of his experiences in the city. I left home for the first time at the age of nineteen, bound for Karachi, Pakistan on the 5th February, 1971. I had been awarded a Pakistan Government […]

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