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City Landmarks – Wazir Mansion

Wazir Mansion may be the birth place of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Nothing can be said with certainty about him in this country. Though everyone would love to own the rights to his birth place, his furniture and clothes, but no one would actually care what he was preaching all that time. In Muhammad Hanif’s words “I […]

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City Museums – The Flagstaff House

I have crossed over Metropole/Avari tower signal zillion of times but in the rush to reach some place or another; I never noticed the grand house on Fatima Bonus road (the one barricaded by Army) until recently. I was told that it belonged to Mr. Jinnah. I tried looking for its history online as soon […]

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City Life – Visiting Holy Swords

Since childhood I associated Teen Talwar with Jinnah’s motto of Unity, Faith and Discipline. I had this conviction so strong that I never noticed vanishing ink over white marble. It went so well. Three Founding Prinicples of the nation. Three Swords.

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