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City Culture – Revival of Theatre at Jamshed Memorial Hall

The auditorium inside Jamshed Memorial Hall is perhaps the oldest venue for theatre performance in Karachi. With uncontrolled commercialization of Bunder road, much of cultural activities along with theatre shifted to other areas of the city. Jamshed Memorial Hall also suffered from the changing dynamics and remained dormant as far as theatre is concerned. The […]

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City Life – From Bunder road to Peetal Gali

Thanks to VASL Art, The karachi walla was able to ride a rickshaw from Jamshed Memorial Hall on Bunder road to Peetal Gali, where onsite work of an artist was on display. Below are few of the photos taken from the rickshaw during the journey. we drove past Lady Dufferrin, Maulvi Abdul Haque’s house, families […]

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City Landmarks – Theosophical Society

Visiting Karachi Theosophical Society inspires and entrenches deep sense of loss at the same time. The beacon of religious tolerance and pluralism which provided asylum to citizens of Karachi for more than hundred years is withering away. Someone once mentioned that Karachi is ageing like wine. A friend disagreed and said that its ageing like […]

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