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City Weekend Plans – Prehistoric Rock Art in Dadu

A Winter Weekend Getaway. Dadu should be more frequented by people in Karachi who seek adventure. The landscape is harsh but dramatic. The people are less talkative but friendly. The roads are patchy but lead to experiences that you could only dream of in big towns. It is not a long drive from Karachi. This […]

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City Weekend Plans – Fireworks in the desert

Originally published on Scroll Mithi is usually a stopover for tourists visiting Tharparkar in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It has a dull district capital feel that pales against the burnished gleam of the neighbouring Nangarparkar, a mystic border town surrounded by the majestic Karonjhar range and dotted with Jain architecture. Through the year, Mithi […]

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City Weekend Plans – Gorakh Hill

It was pure foolishness which turned out to be a masterstroke!, said a friend sitting in the guesthouse at top of the hill. Indeed. When we embarked on our journey from Karachi, the weather guy reported 46 degrees Celsius in adjoining areas of Dadu. Surely an ascent of 5,688 feet would have improved our fortunes […]

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