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City Shopping – Buying bicycles from Jackson

The Market by the Sea. Jackson Market has been a popular destination for duty evaded products such as home electronics for a long time. However most recently Jackson Market has been a favorite destination for cycling enthusiast thanks to the supply of quality second hand bicycles from abroad. Traffic and parking could be a problem […]

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City Landmarks – Jackson Police Station

An unlikely place to be at. Jackson Police Station. Founded in 1924, it probably is the oldest surviving police station in Karachi. I had no means to confirm this fact by not-so-interested-in-history policemen at Jackson Police Station. But they certainly took pride in working at such an old landmark. They took even more pride in […]

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City Walk – Railway Crossing behind Jackson Market

Railways play hardly any role in a Karachi Walla’s life therefore I was amused to see life coming to stand still when an engine lazily announced its presence at a crossing behind Jackson Market. I had been driving through the area aimlessly. A local told me that I would have to wait at least half […]

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