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Seaview – Take a look in the kaleidoscope!

There are not many public spaces in Karachi where one could experience Karachi’s diversity in its essence. Thank Lord for the Seaview, One of the few stretches in Karachi where the coastline is still open for public and you don’t have to use your social connections to get entry into. Therefore you find all kind […]

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City Life – Monsoon Rain

It looked like a typical July Day with lots of clouds but no rain. However the scene changed right before the sunset. There was thunder, there was lightning and there was rain. I was at roadside cafe. All the staff took refuge under the roof except for one waiter who was from Thar Desert. He […]

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Karachi Life – Monsoon Days

It was yet another exciting monsoon day. It was full of clouds with sporadic showers. From the rooftop Karachi beach looked stunning. I ignored it and kept working on increasing shareholders’ wealth. The clouds outside kept pledging to go out and celebrate the weather. Winds struck the floor with purpose. lightinging joined. Clouds started shading […]

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