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Short Stories – The Other Impressions

The van stopped near a residential block to pick up the pamphlets. Zainab grew restless. The van has brought her and others to Karachi from their village in interior Sindh and now they had to wait¬†till they¬†reach their destination. She looked out of the window. She saw a family stepping out of their car. A […]

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Short Stories – Fools did not rush in (where Angels fear to tread)

Scene 1 Sharfu walks to the phoolwalla’s shop where he sells flowers to people visiting Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine. “Where have you been all day?”, asked the phoolwalla from Sharfu “Making profit”, smiled Sharfu “Acha, after all, who in his right mind would pay you to work”, taunted the phoolwalla “Make as much fun as […]

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