City Landmarks – Goan Union Hall

Karachi Goan Union Hall building has such a pleasing look that it uplifts the mood of entire neighborhood. Just like Goans of Karachi have rocked the social and cultural scene ...

City Walk – Sarafa Bazaar & Gao Gali

By the start of 17th century, the port in Thatta was dysfunctional due to the accumulation of silt. Sindhi merchants who operated from there decided to setup a new port ...

City Landmarks – Jabees Funland

Have you ever wondered why Seaview has such great energy even on dullest of days? It is perhaps the only multi-class space left in the city. Clifton used to be ...

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City Landmarks – Kumar Cinema, Napier Road

Kumar Cinema looks like a residential block from the main Napier Road. ...

City Markets – The Book Bazaar on Wheels

The Book bazaar on wheels. It will make a catchy name for ...

City Portraits – Abdul Hayee – Painter, Kaala Pani

The Karachi walla met Abdul Hayee, the veteran painter under the shadow ...

City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi

The Karachi Walla’s happy night out. Karachi’s diversity – well documented and ...

City Faith – Dhikr, Swahili and Shidis at a shrine in Karachi

It felt as if I was in a different timezone, a far ...

City Hangouts – A-one Restaurant

The Karachi Walla has been out of sync with the city but ...

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City Markets – The Chiltan Shop, Avanue Center, Streechen Road

The Chiltan Shop was setup in early 70s and it still looks as if it’s 1970 in there. However please note that it may look vintage but certainly not old or worn out. It is very well maintained and organized. The original layout is basic but elegant. It has that old world calm. That old […]

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City Notebook – 172nd Birth Anniversary of Annie Besant

I found Jamshed Memorial hall full of people despite reaching there five minutes prior to the invite. Jamshed Memorial Hall has been a regular stop during my tours and I have been quite used to empty corridors and rooms. This was a welcome change, I thought to myself and settled in one of the chairs. […]

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City Hangouts – Haji’s Malbari hotel, Lyari

Malbari hotels were once an integral part of Karachi’s cafe culture. Just like Irani cafes, they defined a set of aesthetics, sensitivities and a particular type of experience despite them belonging to different owners. At turn of the century, the fast growing city of Karachi attracted people from all over the subcontinent. As the legend […]

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City Life – Monsoon Rain, Frere Hall

On a regular Sunday, Frere Hall is one of the best places to observe people in public spaces in Karachi. It is one of the most popular spots for casual photo shoots. You will find hundreds of kids taking photos of each other, some even bringing lighting equipment. It is also a very popular picnic […]

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City Hangouts – Cafe Victory, Napier Road

Just like all other Irani cafes in Karachi, Cafe Victory is also on the intersection of two roads i.e. Napier and Grant road. However accessing it from Grant Road could be an unpleasant experience. The road gets narrower as we approach the intersection. There is a Kachra Kundi on the left and lots of food […]

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