City Landmarks – Goan Union Hall

Karachi Goan Union Hall building has such a pleasing look that it uplifts the mood of entire neighborhood. Just like Goans of Karachi have rocked the social and cultural scene ...

City Walk – Sarafa Bazaar & Gao Gali

By the start of 17th century, the port in Thatta was dysfunctional due to the accumulation of silt. Sindhi merchants who operated from there decided to setup a new port ...

City Landmarks – Jabees Funland

Have you ever wondered why Seaview has such great energy even on dullest of days? It is perhaps the only multi-class space left in the city. Clifton used to be ...

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City Landmarks – Kumar Cinema, Napier Road

Kumar Cinema looks like a residential block from the main Napier Road. ...

City Markets – The Book Bazaar on Wheels

The Book bazaar on wheels. It will make a catchy name for ...

City Portraits – Abdul Hayee – Painter, Kaala Pani

The Karachi walla met Abdul Hayee, the veteran painter under the shadow ...

City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi

The Karachi Walla’s happy night out. Karachi’s diversity – well documented and ...

City Faith – Dhikr, Swahili and Shidis at a shrine in Karachi

It felt as if I was in a different timezone, a far ...

City Hangouts – A-one Restaurant

The Karachi Walla has been out of sync with the city but ...

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City Food – Ramazan Food Stalls, Frere Road

Karachi truly becomes City of Lights during Ramazan. There is a sense of festivity in the streets that you only experience during Ramazan. People choose to spend time outdoors turning dead streets into vibrant public spaces. While regular spots like Burns road are perennial favorites of Karachi wallahs, there are certain other spontaneous food spots […]

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City Markets – Nursery Furniture Market

Nursery furniture market is somewhat bereft of ideas now. The furniture at majority of the shops is not original; lacks quality and aesthetics. It is price competitive though which makes it relevant for present day Karachi, where rising cost of living has made affordable functionality more important than any other feature. An Indian filmmaker once […]

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City Landmarks – Ahmed din Tailors, Saddar

People at Ahmed din Tailors belong to a different era. So does the building. It can be a century old. There are wooden beams and old fashioned ceiling fans. Walls are made of stone and are very thick. There is a tree that shadows the courtyard at the far end. You can hear the birds […]

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City Libraries – Ghalib Library, Nazimabad

In Karachi we have a library named after Ghalib. It was founded by another great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz along with a great scholar, Mirza Zafar ul Hasan. The idea was cultivated sometime in 1968, the year the world celebrated Ghalib’s centennial. Both gentlemen founded Idara-e-Yadgar-e-Ghalib (IYG) which paved the way for a library and […]

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City Notebook – Earth Day celebration at Urban Forest in Clifton

The Karachi walla has limited expectations from his neighborhood park. What else would you expect from someone who lives next to Ibn-Qasim park – that vast stretch of curated grassy patch without any real trees or activity. I had a good fortune to hear Tofiq Pasha sb – the celebrated and well known Mali – […]

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