City Life – Twilight in Karachi

What I saw during Ramazan. A collection of photos and videos from Karachi Walla’s daily trips to Karachi’s old quarters during Ramazan.

City Portraits – The Man who sells Nostalgia

Meet Ansar. The Man who sells Nostalgia. He runs a shop in Saddar’s Antique Market and his collection of radios and turntables dwarf everyone else’s in the city. I have ...

Personal Spaces – And ode to NP 13/18

NP 13/18 is one of many pre-partition houses in the heart of Old City. One with a corner balcony and tinted glass windows. It reminds us of forgotten genius and ...

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City Hangouts – Jahangir Park

The last time I went to Jahangir Park, I found few druggies ...

City Portraits – Ghani Bhai

Ghani Bhai makes his living by cleaning cars at City Court Karachi. ...

City Landmarks – St. Andrews

St. Andrews takes your breath away. An oasis among the urban jungle ...

City Landmarks – The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary (Addendum)

The Karachi Walla was looking for the abandoned reading room in Jehangir ...

City Shopping – Antique Market in Saddar

A definite treasure trove. A walk down the memory lane. A refuge ...

City Faith – Karachi’s largest Cross

Gora Qabrustan is a personal favorite. And now it is home to ...

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City Landmarks – The water trough near Dow Medical College

Diwan Dayaram Chellaram Mirchandani was city surveyor in Karachi and he passed away in 1927. He was survived by his wife ‘Shrimati Apliba’. How do we know it? Because Shrimati Apliba erected a water trough in memory of her late husband. It was a common practice to construct institutions or buildings of public welfare and […]

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City Walk – Sarafa Bazaar & Gao Gali

By the start of 17th century, the port in Thatta was dysfunctional due to the accumulation of silt. Sindhi merchants who operated from there decided to setup a new port on the shores of present day Karachi. The built a fortified settlement which had two gates, Kharadar and Mithadar. Kharadar opened towards the sea and […]

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City Notebook – Cafe Commune Opening Night

The Karachi Walla drove to Mehmoodi Street in North Nazimabad Block-J to witness the opening night of Cafe Commune, a community space and cafe. It was a long and unpleasant drive as one would expect during Saturday evening in Karachi. We arrived late but luckily did not miss much as the event had started late. […]

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City Landmarks – The water trough near Merewether Tower

Another water trough that has survived the brunt of changing times and values. The last one that I documented was near Pakistan Chowk and both of them are not very different from each other. Both of them were built with Gizri stone. Both of them served the same purpose. Both of them were donated by […]

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City Life – Lyari during FIFA World Cup

My friends have been telling me how Lyari gets transformed during FIFA world Cup for many years. I stayed away from the area due to my own misconceptions. I regret that now but still wonder wonder how it would have been during peak gang wars time which by the ways seems like a distant memory, […]

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