City Landmarks – Goan Union Hall

Karachi Goan Union Hall building has such a pleasing look that it uplifts the mood of entire neighborhood. Just like Goans of Karachi have rocked the social and cultural scene ...

City Walk – Sarafa Bazaar & Gao Gali

By the start of 17th century, the port in Thatta was dysfunctional due to the accumulation of silt. Sindhi merchants who operated from there decided to setup a new port ...

City Landmarks – Jabees Funland

Have you ever wondered why Seaview has such great energy even on dullest of days? It is perhaps the only multi-class space left in the city. Clifton used to be ...

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City Landmarks – Kumar Cinema, Napier Road

Kumar Cinema looks like a residential block from the main Napier Road. ...

City Markets – The Book Bazaar on Wheels

The Book bazaar on wheels. It will make a catchy name for ...

City Portraits – Abdul Hayee – Painter, Kaala Pani

The Karachi walla met Abdul Hayee, the veteran painter under the shadow ...

City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi

The Karachi Walla’s happy night out. Karachi’s diversity – well documented and ...

City Faith – Dhikr, Swahili and Shidis at a shrine in Karachi

It felt as if I was in a different timezone, a far ...

City Hangouts – A-one Restaurant

The Karachi Walla has been out of sync with the city but ...

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City Landmarks – Ahmed din Tailors, Saddar

People at Ahmed din Tailors belong to a different era. So does the building. It can be a century old. There are wooden beams and old fashioned ceiling fans. Walls are made of stone and are very thick. There is a tree that shadows the courtyard at the far end. You can hear the birds […]

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City Libraries – Ghalib Library, Nazimabad

In Karachi we have a library named after Ghalib. It was founded by another great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz along with a great scholar, Mirza Zafar ul Hasan. The idea was cultivated sometime in 1968, the year the world celebrated Ghalib’s centennial. Both gentlemen founded Idara-e-Yadgar-e-Ghalib (IYG) which paved the way for a library and […]

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City Notebook – Earth Day celebration at Urban Forest in Clifton

The Karachi walla has limited expectations from his neighborhood park. What else would you expect from someone who lives next to Ibn-Qasim park – that vast stretch of curated grassy patch without any real trees or activity. I had a good fortune to hear Tofiq Pasha sb – the celebrated and well known Mali – […]

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City Landmarks – Max Denso Hall

The Karachi Walla has never been inside Max Denso Hall. I have been looking for an excuse for so long. The area around Max Denso Hall is a personal favorite. There’s a host of buildings in the area which are testimony to yesteryear craftsmen which made Bunder road a much celebrated public space. We of […]

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City Moment – Yatris in Clifton Block Three

Clifton Block Three is a sleepy neighborhood. On a regular morning you may find few cars leaving apartments every now and then but it otherwise is largely quiet. Therefore it was quite an unexpected sight to see a dozen buses parked along the boundary wall of Ibn-Qasim park. Men and women – dressed in traditional […]

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