City Landmarks – Goan Union Hall

Karachi Goan Union Hall building has such a pleasing look that it uplifts the mood of entire neighborhood. Just like Goans of Karachi have rocked the social and cultural scene ...

City Walk – Sarafa Bazaar & Gao Gali

By the start of 17th century, the port in Thatta was dysfunctional due to the accumulation of silt. Sindhi merchants who operated from there decided to setup a new port ...

City Landmarks – Jabees Funland

Have you ever wondered why Seaview has such great energy even on dullest of days? It is perhaps the only multi-class space left in the city. Clifton used to be ...

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City Landmarks – Kumar Cinema, Napier Road

Kumar Cinema looks like a residential block from the main Napier Road. ...

City Markets – The Book Bazaar on Wheels

The Book bazaar on wheels. It will make a catchy name for ...

City Portraits – Abdul Hayee – Painter, Kaala Pani

The Karachi walla met Abdul Hayee, the veteran painter under the shadow ...

City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi

The Karachi Walla’s happy night out. Karachi’s diversity – well documented and ...

City Faith – Dhikr, Swahili and Shidis at a shrine in Karachi

It felt as if I was in a different timezone, a far ...

City Hangouts – A-one Restaurant

The Karachi Walla has been out of sync with the city but ...

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City Libraries – Taimuria Library

Another day. Another heartbreak. Libraries in Karachi break your heart. Taimuria Library is not supposed to since it is quite well maintained. But it does. It does despite it being well managed and well frequented because it lacks the purpose and exuberance that you would attach with such places of learning. Or is it the […]

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City Markets – Soldier Bazaar, Garden East

Do you have a Sunday ritual? Mine has been to do groceries from Empress Market for sometime now. After the anti-encroachment drive left Empress Market and adjoining areas bare and devoid of regular charm, I tried to explore new markets, from Lea market to Sunday bazaar in Gulshan. On one such Sunday, I visited Soldier […]

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City Libraries – Sehba Akhtar Library, Nazimabad

Sehba Akhtar Library is one of several well planned libraries honoring important literary figures. But that is past. It is in dismal condition now, just like other municipal libraries in Nazimabad, in Karachi. Present day Sehba Akhtar Library has a utility store running on its premises. It fares no better. Both library and utility store […]

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City Landmarks – Water trough near Soldier Bazaar

In 1878 a group of revered noble citizen of Karachi such as Sir William Lee Warner, Khan Bahadur Hassanally, Beg Effendi. Messrs lagget Price, Sayed Hassan Mediru, Tance Denso and Mr. Framroze founded Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at Frere Hall Garden. The society played a pivotal role in creating awareness […]

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City Libraries – Al Huda Library, 3D Nazimabad

Nazimabad is a very well planned neighborhood. Let me put a necessary disclaimer here that my orientation of Nazimabad is very basic but I continue to find libraries with ease in this big neighborhood. I reach Al-Huda Library around noon on a working day. My earlier visits to libraries in Karachi in general and Nazimabad […]

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