City Life – Twilight in Karachi

What I saw during Ramazan. A collection of photos and videos from Karachi Walla’s daily trips to Karachi’s old quarters during Ramazan.

City Portraits – The Man who sells Nostalgia

Meet Ansar. The Man who sells Nostalgia. He runs a shop in Saddar’s Antique Market and his collection of radios and turntables dwarf everyone else’s in the city. I have ...

Personal Spaces – And ode to NP 13/18

NP 13/18 is one of many pre-partition houses in the heart of Old City. One with a corner balcony and tinted glass windows. It reminds us of forgotten genius and ...

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City Hangouts – Jahangir Park

The last time I went to Jahangir Park, I found few druggies ...

City Portraits – Ghani Bhai

Ghani Bhai makes his living by cleaning cars at City Court Karachi. ...

City Landmarks – St. Andrews

St. Andrews takes your breath away. An oasis among the urban jungle ...

City Landmarks – The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary (Addendum)

The Karachi Walla was looking for the abandoned reading room in Jehangir ...

City Shopping – Antique Market in Saddar

A definite treasure trove. A walk down the memory lane. A refuge ...

City Faith – Karachi’s largest Cross

Gora Qabrustan is a personal favorite. And now it is home to ...

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City Markets – Leather Market

Napier road is one of the busiest roads in Karachi. So much so that we are struggling to open the door fearing that it will hit a bike or a pedestrian fighting for space on crowded road. We somehow manage to pull the trick. It’s a Saturday noon and still early by Karachi standards. We […]

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Photo Story – Empress Market Revisited

I often wondered why an ordinary Karachi walla should long for colonial structures such as Empress Market. It was only when I read the prolific Intizar Hussain that I realized that people connect with these buildings because they play a great role in their lives. Slowly and gradually, they become a part of our lives, […]

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City Landmarks – Abbasi Kutub Khana

Abbasi Kutub Khana is the oldest bookshop in Karachi. It was founded in 1910 in Juna Market and is being run by Habib Hussain Abbasi, the maternal grandson of the founder of this bookstore. If paying homage to the oldest bookshop is not enough, meeting Habib sb is certainly rewarding enough to warrant a visit. […]

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City Walk – Heritage Walk with PCCC

One of the things people reminisce the most about yesteryear Karachi is the luxury to walk its streets freely. It’s not just the mental block since some of us don’t have an option but to walk. The new localities in Karachi lack infrastructure such as footpaths, zebra crossings etc which make an area conducive for […]

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City Shopping – Bohri Bazaar

A visit to Bohri Bazaar makes you wonder at larger potential and the possibilities that this bazaar boasts. It is perhaps Karachi’s answer to traditional grand bazaars of Isfahan and Istanbul or perhaps a more hybrid ones like Istiqlal in Istanbul or Nizami street in Baku. Or it perhaps is a unique setting. A brand […]

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