City Life – Twilight in Karachi

What I saw during Ramazan. A collection of photos and videos from Karachi Walla’s daily trips to Karachi’s old quarters during Ramazan.


City Portraits – The Man who sells Nostalgia

Meet Ansar. The Man who sells Nostalgia. He runs a shop in Saddar’s Antique Market and his collection of radios and turntables dwarf everyone else’s in the city. I have ...


Personal Spaces – And ode to NP 13/18

NP 13/18 is one of many pre-partition houses in the heart of Old City. One with a corner balcony and tinted glass windows. It reeks of forgotten genius and aesthetic ...

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City Landmarks – St. Andrews

St. Andrews takes your breath away. An oasis among the urban jungle ...

City Landmarks – The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary (Addendum)

The Karachi Walla was looking for the abandoned reading room in Jehangir ...

City Shopping – Antique Market in Saddar

A definite treasure trove. A walk down the memory lane. A refuge ...

City Landmarks – Karachi’s largest Cross

Gora Qabrustan is a personal favorite. And now it is home to ...
2 - Sohail's music shop has a wide range of musical instruments

Symphony city – discovering Karachi’s oldest music shops

[originally published at Dawn.com] Karachi has a distinct soul. While the thriving ...

City Faith – Happy Night at Shri Swami Narayan

Karachi Walla’s happy night out. After an uneventful day at work, I ...

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City Culture – Street Art in Lyari

Lyari has a top of mind recall for various reasons. Street Art is certainly not one of those. Shilo Shiv Suleman, an Indian Artist started Fearless Collective in 2012 after shocking gang-rape of a medical student in Delhi. Many saw the resulting fear in women as a deterrent to their entry in public spaces. To […]

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City Faith – Dhikr, Swahili and Shidis at a shrine in Karachi

It felt as if I was in a different timezone, a far off geography – definitely not present day Karachi. There are many shrines around the city with their peculiar ways of celebrating words of Sufi saints. Qawwali is perhaps the most popular ritual but communal dhikr is not uncommon either. However you perhaps would […]

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City Portraits – Guddu – The last of lollywood aficionados

[Originally published for Dawn.com] Pakistani Cinema has defined entertainment for decades in our country before getting into hibernation in later part of the century. Magnificent single screen Cinemas were found in abundance in metros, and even small towns had one or two cinemas of their own. Slowly and gradually they have given way to a […]

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City Faith – Christ Mission Church

One of the oldest churches in the city. It smells of nostalgia. The stories of bygone days echo inside. Just like rest of the churches in Karachi, there is a school adjacent to the church. The school was founded in 1846 and the church was added to the compound in 1856. The patron of the […]

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City Landmarks – Dhobhi Ghat

‘Footprint Pakistan Handbook’ calls Dhobhi Ghat one of two most interesting sights for people-watchers’ in Karachi and It lives up to this distinction. The Ghat stretches approx. two kilometers along the banks of Lyari River. I was there with a British visitor and we reached there from Garden road. I expected a lot of attention […]

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