City Life – Twilight in Karachi

What I saw during Ramazan. A collection of photos and videos from Karachi Walla’s daily trips to Karachi’s old quarters during Ramazan.

City Portraits – The Man who sells Nostalgia

Meet Ansar. The Man who sells Nostalgia. He runs a shop in Saddar’s Antique Market and his collection of radios and turntables dwarf everyone else’s in the city. I have ...

Personal Spaces – And ode to NP 13/18

NP 13/18 is one of many pre-partition houses in the heart of Old City. One with a corner balcony and tinted glass windows. It reminds us of forgotten genius and ...

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City Hangouts – Jahangir Park

The last time I went to Jahangir Park, I found few druggies ...

City Portraits – Ghani Bhai

Ghani Bhai makes his living by cleaning cars at City Court Karachi. ...

City Landmarks – St. Andrews

St. Andrews takes your breath away. An oasis among the urban jungle ...

City Landmarks – The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary (Addendum)

The Karachi Walla was looking for the abandoned reading room in Jehangir ...

City Shopping – Antique Market in Saddar

A definite treasure trove. A walk down the memory lane. A refuge ...

City Faith – Karachi’s largest Cross

Gora Qabrustan is a personal favorite. And now it is home to ...

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City Landmarks – A Park over the Hill

One of my earliest memories of Karachi are that of Hill Park. I often visited it with my family during our short trips to Karachi from interior Sindh and I distinctly remember the gentle breeze, alien and very much welcome to visitors from outside Karachi. I remember it being clean and friendly. I also remember […]

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City Notebook – Conurbations at Arts Council Karachi

HUM TV has a studio on third floor of Arts Council main building which lies abandoned these days. Vasl Artist Association has used the venue to exhibit resident artist Haider Ali’s work which has been produced three month residency at Vasl. The show is remarkable because a) it is a study of urban development in […]

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City Notebook – Chinese Lantern Show

Karachi’s first Chinese Lantern Show is being held in Shaheed Benazeer Park in Clifton from 14th of August to 26th of August. The ticket is for Rs. 300 per person which is quite overpriced for a family event. Valet is available but there is ample parking space along the boundary of the park. While the […]

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City Landmarks – Goan Union Hall

Karachi Goan Union Hall building has such a pleasing look that it uplifts the mood of entire neighborhood. Just like Goans of Karachi have rocked the social and cultural scene of Karachi since migrating here from Goa. Goans of Karachi originate from Goa, a Portuguese colony from 1510 to 1961 in Indian subcontinent. Being an […]

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City Landmarks – The water trough near Dow Medical College

Diwan Dayaram Chellaram Mirchandani was city surveyor in Karachi and he passed away in 1927. He was survived by his wife ‘Shrimati Apliba’. How do we know it? Because Shrimati Apliba erected a water trough in memory of her late husband. It was a common practice to construct institutions or buildings of public welfare and […]

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