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City Landmarks – Roxy Cinema

“The texture that you see here, it cannot be created on a set. It is something extraordinary.” I am at Roxy cinema with a filmmaker who is evaluating different locations for a project. The first thing that he notices and talks about is the texture of the building and what’s in there; the still life […]

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City Landmarks – Nigar Cinema

“When was it closed?” “Yeh badbakht 10 saal pehle band hua tha”, the roadside vendor replied Its not financial challenge but our collective apathy towards heritage and arts and crafts in general which has caused single screen cinemas to run out of business. The growth in trading activities around the port area fueled the conversion […]

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City Landmarks – Lea Market

You have to fight for space with pedestrians, carts, cyclists, hawkers and vehicles to enter Lea Market. The iconic clock tower can guide you to the main entrance from a distance, otherwise you can enter from many openings to the trapezoid structure, but mind you that you can get lost in the sea of encroachments […]

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