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City Faith – St. Anthony Chapel, Manora

Manora is a personal favorite. For the reason that it truly qualifies as a settlement by the sea. While rest of the city turns its back towards the sea, making it impossible to look at it behind the curtains, blinds and tinted windows, Manora embraces it. You don’t have to go and look for the […]

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City Landmarks – KPT Observatory

Biting the Dust. KPT Observatory is falling apart slowly. We live under financially poor and aesthetically void setup. A building ceases to attract funds once it stops serving economic interest. It is the case with KPT Observatory in Manora. Not much is known publicly about the small but aesthetically pleasing structure which is in shambles […]

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City Faith – Shri Varun Dev Temple

Enduring tough test of time. Facing utter disregard from authorities and public alike. Tormented time and again by ‘idol breakers’. A picture from British era shows the same temple shinning and protected making you wonder what we really meant from Independence. Shri Varun Dev Temple’ sad state indicate our attitude towards heritage and degrading level […]

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