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A Selection of the 30 Most Disappointing Under 30 (Karachi Version)

<After The Newyorker’s in Daily Shouts> Disclaimer: This article is categorized as satire and is a work of fiction Aasim Virk, 24 Took a course on ‘Social Revolutions’ and was so moved that he attended Labor day rallies on 1st May. Got sunburns and never went back. Inam Shaikh, 27 Signed up for Mixed Martial […]

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A Karachi Walla in Lanka

The Karachi Walla met an old acquaintance, another Karachi Walla in Lanka. She has moved to Lanka sometime back and been living there alone. She told me that there is ancient cemetery in her neighborhood, which may capture imagination of a photographer. We spent the evening walking through the narrow lanes inside the cemetery, which […]

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Overheard in Karachi – Karachi Literature Festival

1) Really? Never knew that buffaloes could swim.   ~ A baffled girl in M. Hanif’ session at KLF 2) Do you plan to write a novel in Urdu  No, Jis tarah mujhe gali sirf Punjabi mein aati hai, waisay novel sirf angrezi mein aata hai 3) I am a Punjabi and a Sunni, I […]

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