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City Faith – St. George Church, Kemari

The construction on Karachi port took place in 1850s. Most of the stone structures that you see in Kemari these days were part of the developments that took place at that time. Some of them were used as Karachi Port offices – Mules Mansion for instance – and some were used for housing custom officers […]

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City Landmarks – Jackson Police Station

An unlikely place to be at. Jackson Police Station. Founded in 1924, it probably is the oldest surviving police station in Karachi. I had no means to confirm this fact by not-so-interested-in-history policemen at Jackson Police Station. But they certainly took pride in working at such an old landmark. They took even more pride in […]

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City Landmarks – The Mules Mansion

Royal. Splendiferous. The building with a character, a story, a tragedy. Mules Mansion’s grandeur cannot be ignored despite its dismal state. A masterpiece on already impressive resume of Moses Somake, It has variety of distinct features influenced from Anglo-Oriental and Renaissance methods. Situated on one of the busiest roads in Karachi, It has suffered terribly […]

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