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City Hangouts – Cinema 73, Seaview Apartments

An alternative experience. In the city where luxury is considered integral to any going out experience, Cinema 73 provides an alternative option. There is no air-conditioning and there’s no caramel popcorn. The air is heavy with moisture and it smells of extra salty popcorn. Cinema 73 is a community cinema, situated in Block 73 of […]

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City Moment – The Papar seller and the Seagulls

The Karachi Walla met him on a Sunday Morning. I saw him offering crumbs to Seagulls at Sea View where he sells Papar. Later he walked down to me and asked if I wanted to buy someĀ of his Papar. I bought a couple and asked him to offer it to Seagulls. More Seagulls flew in. […]

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