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City Notebook – DIY Karachi

The terrace garden of Sobhraj Chatumal terrace brimmed with ideas on a beautiful evening in Karachi. For many people visiting Burns Garden, the terrace popularly known as┬áPardah Bagh is an afterthought but it was not the case during DIY Karachi’s festival. The Karachi Walla went there around twilight which perhaps was not the best time. […]

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Karachi Landmarks – Sobhraj Chetumal Terrace

An instant getaway. But mind you its only for ladies. The reason for such exclusivity in a nonresidential area is beyond logic. It appears more to be an extension to Burns Garden now. Conveniently located near Shaheen complex, its a pity that its known by its proximity to Shaheen complex now. It is being renovated […]

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