City Landmarks – Benazeer Park

Now that torrential rain has hit Karachi, Radio and TV stations quickly switched to their routine monsoon rants. Radio started playing an old famous song in which the singer suggested her beloved to take a day off and spend it with her. A mischeivous looking plan was detailed out later in the song. TV stations started reporting number of streets flooded, houses submerged, transportation clogged, people drowned, people electrocuted, gutters spilled and transformers busted.

There was not any mention of the magnificence of clouds of umpteen different shades and shapes, the sudden surge in color saturation and the joy of watching waves racing towards Karachi beach. I wonder what does it take to notice the unsung splendor around us. Years of solitude away from home I suppose.

I went to newly inaugurated Boat Basin Creek Park (Shaheed Benazir park if it makes any difference to her) to celebrate the change in our fortunes. Clifton has become a block of lush green parks and severely broken roads. The moment you enter the park off a bumpy road, you realize that it is different, it is expensively built. There is at least 3 km wooden jogging track, a floating bridge, a restaurant under construction, imported plants and stunning canopies. There were smiles, balloons, colors and, and stinking smell.

The billion rupee park is built over a dark gushing drain!

This drain takes wastage from frere town and Clifton and throws it right in the middle of the creek. The creek has become highly polluted due to its ever increasing flow. The genius who approved and inaugurated the park apparently did not have the smelling sense. Apparently there are plans to put a sewerage plant but anyone in his right mind would have done that first before building a billion rupee park over the swamp.

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One Comment on “City Landmarks – Benazeer Park”

  1. July 10, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    “Today I had breakfast at a Boat Basin Dhaba at 5am. They serve the best halwa puri.”

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