Karachi Landmarks – Shah Ghazi

On an overcast day I decided to climb the hill and say my prayers in front of Ghazi Sahab. There is a vast parking lot at the bottom of the hill so going there in a car is not a problem. It was early morning for a Sunday and there was not darbar distinctive crowd. I went through the scanner which announced that I have a camera. The guard told me to get permission from Auqaaf Manager for clicking. Auqaf Office is right at the start of the staircase. Whoever sitting in Auqaaf Manager was kind enough to let me click outside.

The shrine dates back to 700s. No one is 100% sure about the legend of Shah Ghazi but majority is convinced that he came with Muhammad Bin Qasim and stayed back at the place he loved. He was famous as a pious man in his lifetime and fishermen sought his help in order to pacify storms and other hurdles at sea.

It seems he is still good at it.

At the base is a cave where a miraculous reservoir of water is attributed to Shah Ghazi. There is a closed gate which keeps people away from it. You have to take left from the staircase and reach the back side of the shrine.

Try and walk around the shrine at the top if no one is watching you. It will give you a nice panaromic view of Clifton.

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