City Hangouts – Roadside Cafe

Karachi Walla’s favourite hangout. Roadside makes you happy. It is one of the rare places where your focus is not on the menu but the company you have got. Therefore your experience is going to be as good as the people you are hanging out with. It becomes a natural extension of your living space. You start owning the place.

There are other advantages too. It is very conveniently located; accessible through boat basin and schon circle road. It is green and ambiance is great. The music collection is awesome consisting mainly of contemporary and classical Pakistani songs. But the best thing about the Roadside is diversity of people coming in. It is not overcrowded by O and A level students and it cant be characterized as total desi or the one, bridge ke us par.

There is nothing fancy about the menu. Though it has interesting entrées like Khausay and some exotic drinks. The quality of the items remain inconsistent. You never know if your shikanjabeen is going to taste like salty water or a lemon gone sour. It is one of those lost cafes which were meant for chit chat and not for stuffing your stomach.

You should not be going to roadside if you are serious about the strength of the menu. But mind you that Roadside has the most loyal customer base. You could be next.

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2 Comments on “City Hangouts – Roadside Cafe”

  1. MD Kalhoeo
    November 21, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    Hey Farooq….Good work, keep it up.

    I remember ths place.

    • qasim ch
      June 6, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

      can you pls tell meh the nearst place ..?

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