Karachi Hangouts – Koel

If you are bored with Zamzama-esque restaurants and up for a serious dinner then head to Clifton taking on 26th Street with your back to Park towers. Turn into the street when you see Euro Tiles on your right. Few meters ahead you will see Koel.

The place is pleasantly adorned with champa plants and evocative woodwork. Don’t sit inside in the Air-conditioned room. It is boring. Sit outside in the courtyard and immerse into the ambiance.

There was a group of chic girls smoking while remaining oblivious to the outside world. There was another group contemplating about outside world while remaining oblivious to the ambiance of the restaurant. A third was busy capturing the moments. There was a family inside happily clearing their plates.

Koel has sister concerns, an Art Gallery and a boutique. It is closed after sunset. “But it’s a dinner destination”, I protested. Someone else also agreed. But they did not change their stance.

There is not much on the ground floor inside the gallery but they have a nice boutique which has vegetable dyed fabric, kurtas and ajrak. The rates are competitive and I will prefer them any given day over Junaid Jamshed’s.

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