Karachi Landmarks – The Oyster Rocks

Picturesque and Serene. The best place in Karachi to see the sunset. Oblivious to malicious urban development program like ignorant Macbeth, Oyster rocks are Karachi’s Identity as much as Jinnah’s mausoleum, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine, Sea view and Capri Cinema are.

A recent land reclaiming project is on the way near the rocks. As much malign as it may be, it still facilitates in getting closer to the rocks. People have taken notice. On Sunday there were around thirty people relaxing on the road being built. There were children, families, loners, elders, cycle wallas, vespa wallas, fishermen and more. Regardless of their ethnicity and differences, they saw the sun setting behind Oyster rocks together, with reverence embodied in a true Karachi Walla. They Oyster rocks turned into the boulders of gold invigorating everyone’s imagination. Infamous KPT fawara started throwing water as moazin finished calls for prayers.

It was a fairy tale scene and we had the best seats in the town.

The sea was calm. It looked more like a lake. The surface was occasionally disturbed by pebbles thrown by children or bait set by visitors. Local fishermen have parked their boats around the rocks probably to avoid any possible theft. In the distance I could see horse riding club horses.

Visit it before they put a ticket on it.

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One Comment on “Karachi Landmarks – The Oyster Rocks”

  1. September 30, 2013 at 2:14 pm #

    Well as much we love oyster rocks the real treat is swim around it. I have been sailing and swimming at oyster rocks for some time and in last couple of years the silt caused by dredging has covered white sand that appears in low tide. Still it was much fun!

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