Karachi Landmarks – Greener Karachi Trust Farm

A lone warrior. An anomaly. Almost surreal. Last hurdle to nasty and wild commercialization taking place in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The Green Karachi Trust farm is a pleasant surprise to the people sickened by the greed of builders. The Greener Karachi Trust farm is owned by the founder of the trust. The trust popularly featured in Dawn’s Urban sketches where their activities to clean the neighborhood were highlighted. They also did some plantation in near by areas but their efforts faded away due to the lukewarm response from authorities and public in general. Their vision was and remains to make Karachi greener and thus, make it a better place for our current and future generations. The trust’s efforts have been marginalized by the growing age of its members and the lack of participation by youth but it has not stopped it from playing other critical and productive roles.

The farm is a house of ideas. It has a windmill generating power for a unit to convert salty water into sweet water. Drip irrigation has been implemented to bring every single drop of water to the roots of the plants. A bio gas unit is installed to convert dung into gas and fertilizer. It attracts a variety of enthusiasts, people with diverse background but united for their love for the nature. Karachi trust embraces them with warmth and opens up all its learning and experience. It also provides them with a platform to share their experiences.

Go green. Buy some seeds and try growing some veggies in your backyard. It is a life changing experience.

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