Karachi Landmarks – The Beaumont Lawns

Delightful. A Worthy Tribute. Adorned with Age-Old Trees. Home to Ever Pooping Pigeons. The Beaumont Lawns in the heart of Gandhi Garden or Karachi Zoo is a good old conventional getaway. The Government Garden was one of the earliest gardens in Karachi. Later it became the Mahatma Gandhi Garden and finally it was turned into a Zoological Garden. The Beaumont lawns stood in midst of all this change. These lawns were named after the Late T.L.F. Beaumont, President Karachi Municipality in early 1900s.

Reach there by taking the road in front of IBA in saddar. There is ample parking space in front of all three gates to the zoo. Ask for Beer enclosure and there you will see a rusty broken green canopy. The lawns are at its back. Calm and clean. There is peace in air, an anomaly in the hustle bustle of surrounding area. Red brick pathway and border makes it even more pleasant. All type of people come here; couples, loners, oldies, school bunkers, peeping tom, all types of karachi wallas. Take a bench if you happen to be there and inhale silent still air. The benign yellow sunshine comes down twinkling through dense canopy made by good old trees. Its been a 100 years since they were planted. They have witnessed a lot. We humans live for very short span of time. The reality strikes you even more when you sit under the shadow of trees of The Beaumont Lawns.

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2 Comments on “Karachi Landmarks – The Beaumont Lawns”

  1. Tousif Ahmed Khatri
    January 29, 2021 at 3:45 pm #

    Hi every one! I don’t know how to start a comment to such a beautiful place, if any one find any mistake in my text so kindly let me know. I came here from the age of 8-9 and now I am about to enter in my 40 🙂 , i have a lot of memories relate to this place for span of my life, and its map, its all roads, all gateways, all routes are strongly memorized, I have 1000+ zoo pics collection 650+ other pics related to Karachi and I see them regular.

    I love this place very much and I often go to there for recalling my all memories. if any one want to know more about this place you may contact me without hesitation via my email : shahtousifkhan@hotmail.com.


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