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The ultimate hangout. A heaven for a Photographer. An everlasting finicking excitement for a Gourmet. A walk of life for a connoisseur of arts and crafts. A backdrop as elegant as Maxwell’s equation. A thing of beauty. A joy forever. Gone maybe the days when an architectural project was an aesthetic undertaking. But Port Grand certainly rolls back years when streets themselves made a vibrant art gallery. Years when one’s view was not strangled with dust, wires, seepage, neglect and betrayal. Years when one’s imagination was not obscured by fleeting ambition, earthly desires, pure greed and excessive bigotry. You could feel city breathing then and so did you with it in unison and harmony. What wouldn’t you give away to get those days back. Well, You only need to pay 300 rupees!

Drive to the famous Native Jetty bridge. On M.T. Khan road, take a left before climbing the bridge. Head to the Beach Luxury and turn right on a narrow alley which will lead you to the footsteps of the bridge. You will find Valet Parking here. Move inside. Take a moment to look at the bottom of Native Jetty Bridge. Black mossy water has taken its toll on the pillars. One or two kids will be swimming in this fatally polluted water. A narrow street along the road is leading to the Mandir. Besides the street a huge iron gate is the entrance of the huge Port Grand. Right at the gate you could have a look at the art gallery which is not opened yet. It looks promising. Enter the gates after paying entry fees and you will be facing Port Grand’s main facade which houses many brands. Only few front shops are open. Turn to the right and you will be heading to the Theatre and other stuff which is not open yet. Turn to left and you will be heading to the food street. Walk the promenade and you cant help notice a majestic old tree which has seen good and bad for long. A very nice looking and inviting restaurant is next. Take a moment to absorb the view. The old railway track heading to KPT invites you to follow it. In distance you could see huge ships getting ready for upcoming journey. On the left a line of restaurant goes as long as one km.

You would not resist appreciating the good work put in by KPT and its private partners. You would not stop wishing that other worthy landmarks in close vicinity get as much attention:;The Mules Mansion, The Merewether tower, The Wazir Mansion, The City Station.

You ought to be here this weekend if you have not visited it yet.


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2 Comments on “City Hangouts – The Port Grand”

  1. Taha Rizvi
    June 2, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    what wonderful place to visit…


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