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Deep in the thought

A gathering you will feel priviliged to be part of. “Rekhte ke Ustaad” is a bilingual study circle with the aim to discuss and understand Urdu poetry greats. During each session, people from different walks of life gather to read, translate and discuss poetry of one master at a time. Forget the question how good it is. It is refreshing just to know that people are taking time out on a Sunday noon to ponder and help others with their perspective and interpretation of classics. It is set to continue for many more weeks at T2F between 3-5 every Sunday.

Zahra Sabri, the woman behind the idea, is a researcher with a degree from Columbia University. She chooses a poetry master with few of his/her poems for each Sunday and facilitates the discussion. Each verse is brought under the spotlight and discussed for few mintues. The discussion is lively and relevant. People do overdo their participation sometimes but it shows their love for the poet and his work.

Two hours is not good enough to discuss one piece let alone summarize whole work of a poet. Come only if you want to sit, relax and enjoy whatever you can, in such short span of time. And don’t if you worry with what you can not. You will be surprised with the happiness you find.

After Session Discussion

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