City Life – Snorkeling at Churna

Snorkeling in Karachi. Easy, Safe and Fun. Churna island is one of rare locations around Karachi which has coral reef in abundance which attracts variety of fish. Also called rainforests of the sea, Coral reef attracts huge variety of marine life at one spot which makes it ideal for sea enthusiasts. You need to experience it. Fast. Before the monsoon begins.

Coral is created by coral polyps, a tiny animal and single-celled plants. The plants generate nutrients the corals need to live and capture calcium from the seawater. Coral offers habitat to variety of marine life. Although they occupy 0.1% of total sea area yet they provide habitat for 25% of marine species. However they remain fragile especially to water temperature are at risk from climate change, pollution and new types of fishing.

Divers Reef Karachi offers a guided trip of Churna Island. Founded by three university students, Divers reef has provided services to more than two dozen groups this season and are heavily booked for the remainder. You can reserve your slot here. The activity almost takes the whole day. The group gathers for breakfast at 7:30 and then drives to Mubarak Village together (You have to arrange transport yourself). Then a boat takes you to the shores of Churna (approx 40 min ride). Wear the gear and jacket and jump into the cold sea water. It may take a little before you feel at home in winter water. Also adjusting to breathing through the gear will take sometime. Float on your back when you adjust the gear or else you will gulp the salty seawater. Take candies along in your bag to change the taste of your mouth. Ask for help if you don’t seem to conquer settings for more than 15, 20 min. There could be a problem with the gear also. Once everything is set, wander around. Follow the reef and you will see the wonderland, so close but so far from your eyes otherwise.

Underwater Photo Credits: Divers Reef Karachi

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One Comment on “City Life – Snorkeling at Churna”

  1. Wara Fatima
    September 20, 2015 at 10:31 am #

    What is the total expense of your package including all adventure?

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