City Landmarks – Karachi’s most quiet Mosque


Humble and Peaceful. Karachi’s most quiet Mosque. Found it by Chance. Serendipity is The Karachi Walla’s strongest ally. Here are the directions: Enroute Country Club, Past Jinnah Gate and the grand bridge, look for a thicket on your left, right where the bridge ends. The thicket itself is inviting. Stop there and look for a three feet high boundary wall whitewashed with lime. You may miss it due to the shadow which trees make, even on a mercilessly bright day. The wall is that of a mosque. A tiny mosque inside the thicket.

Intrigued I walked inside. Under the shadow of Banyan Trees. Pallid winter sunshine was filtering through the trees leaving various designs on the ground. The place smelled foul but not too bad. There was some suspicious looking water making its way through fallen leaves and dead insects. The air was cooler and the mosque tiny. Ten people can be accommodated at one time. Chances are that it has never happened. The mosque probably was built by Steel Mill employees who work at a nearby station. The door was shut with the help of a stone to avoid astray dogs from entering the mosque. Karachi Walla took off his shoes, opened the gate and went inside. I wanted to lay down on the floor and sleep but I had some business to take care of.

On my knees, I spent some moments there. In Silence. In Solitude. Some how I did not find God alien at that hour.

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