City Life – First Rain of the Monsoon

First rain of the monsoon. Right in the middle of a working day, right in the middle of a working week. Instead of focusing on a career and a love life (notice no adjectives or qualifiers here for the fear of a hint), the karachi walla spent the evening on a 12 feet high watch tower overseeing fish ponds near Makli necropolis.

The evening breeze was blowing from the Gharo Creek. I could hear variety of distinct sounds. Birds and Insects, which I could not categorize any further and I felt sorry for it. The tower’s been used by the chowkidar at the farm. The bamboo ladder had some distance between the steps compared to the usual ladders. The platform was resting over four wooden pillars and it trembled whenever someone stepped on it. You could smell the characteristic aroma of farm land receiving the first share of monsoon.

There was not much to do. I could see a curious cat. and a dog and a puppy. The wind stopped after one shower. The mosquitoes surfaced with the darkness. I still loved it but had a life to go back to in the morning.

Jab sar phorna thaira.


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