City Landmarks – Sevakunj Hostel (Addendum)

Original post: City Landmarks – Sevakunj Hostel

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In one of his works, Intizar Hussain sb compares old buildings to trees which have their roots deep inside people’s hearts. Phir Jeena marna, hasna roona, khana peena, everything revolves around such landmarks. And they remain forever in our stories and dreams becoming part of our folklore. Sevakunj is one such building.

Sevakunj Hostel has a strong presence and character. It will grab your attention if you are passing by. There are many other landmarks near by which are far more decorated and have better facades but Sevakunj has a mysterious aura around it. I have tried many times to have a look from inside but could never succeed. Until this Sunday.

So last Sunday, while heading to another destination, I saw a door open there and decided to try my luck. There are a couple of printers on either end of the entrance which is blocked. The one on the left did not have any access to the courtyard. He showed us the courtyard through a window with iron grills on it. However as he was showing us the view, we saw a child running inside the courtyard and decided to try our luck from the other end. And it worked.

A closer look at the building from inside reveals the desolate state more clearly. All the installments have been taken out and wooden false roof is crumbling. You could see the bare iron rods falling outside the RCC roof. Rusted and damaged.

Most of the rooms on ground floor have been rented out to different vendors, who have invested enough to maintain it in working state. The tiles were damaged but still in better state than the ones outside in the courtyard.

The place is perfect for turning it into a cultural center of sorts. Just saying.


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