City Landmarks – Hassan Ali Hoti Market


The Market is named after Hassan Ali Hoti, then Councillor of Karachi Municipality who is also known for his association with Khilafat Movement. It is situated on the intersection of Barnes Road and Nabi Bux Road. The building has multiple entrances but the main entrance has grandeur of good old buildings from the past. The entrance in front of the small central courtyard has huge pillars which gives building an imperial look. It has two blocks in V-shape consisting of small shops. There are huge halls at the end of the blocks, mostly used by butchers.

On a humid Ramazan day, I find both blocks closed. My guide, a mechanic from Ranchor Lines tells me that one of the block has been shut for some years. The entrance is blocked and we find a mechanic repairing some kind of pipes. Through the other block’s entrance I can see lots of stalls, possibly belonging to butchers. We step out to the back courtyard, a large empty space possibly catering to stalls in heydays of the market.

There are shops on one side of the market which possibly were part of original plan also. To the other side flower sellers have setup their makeshift shops. The building is painted in yellow and still is the most imposing landmark in the concrete jungle surrounding it.












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