City Secret – Narsingha Bhagwan Mandir


A City Secret. Tucked away from our conscience. It is not easy to find way to the temple. The street in question is just like any other street in Ranchor Lines, perhaps a little wider. There are ancient stone structures on both sides, covered in dust and strangled with wires. Few of residents have even added additional floors. Access to the temple is through one such building.

KD – a friend of mine – who was taking us to Bhagnari temple, asked us to stop in a street in Ranchor Lines and recollected that there was a temple here. He recalled that at the time of Babri Mosque incident, some people inflicted damage on a temple in this area and it was right here somewhere, behind a residential quarter. As it turned out, KD had a good memory and little later we found ourselves in front of a wall with a wooden gate, adorned with statuettes on both sides. We opened the gate and found a family sitting inside. They told us that it was Narsingha Bhagwan Mandir.

Narsingha Bhagwan is an avatar of Vishnu. He is depicted having a human torso and legs but with a lion head and claws. Vishnu took this avatar to defeat a demon king. A popular deity, you will find this incarnation depicted in sculptures and paintings all across India. The Narsingha Bhagwan Mandir in Ranchor Lines is perhaps the only temple dedicated to the famous avatar of Vishnu.

The temple had a surreal setting. Multi-story buildings have encroached upon from all sides. The concrete strcutures were in a deep contrast to the detail on tiny but well kept temple. Fresh coats of paint and new tiles had compromised the temple’s original look but it still looked beatific. There was a hall near the entrance which appeared to be part of original temple complex. There were colorful tiles and a slab in Gujarati.

The neighborhood is friendly and they welcome visitors. Inbox for directions.






















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2 Comments on “City Secret – Narsingha Bhagwan Mandir”

  1. Priya Pinjani
    February 24, 2017 at 2:47 am #

    Could you please give me the coordinates for this temple within Ranchore Lines? Street names or share a pin, whatever works. Thanks!

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