City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi

The Karachi Walla’s happy night out. Karachi’s diversity – well documented and cherished – makes it one hell of a place. If we start celebrating each other’s festival in Karachi, our calendars will be much more happening, much like denizens of happiest places around the globe.

I was near Soldier bazaar a week prior to Christmas. A friend had invited me to witness a unique event in one of the churches there, children from all over Karachi gathering to sing Christmas carols. I was stuck in traffic for a while and by the time I reached the venue, party was in full swing. The winter has been underwhelming this season but I could not say the same for festivities. Proud parents and relatives have already seated on chairs assembled on both sides of the church. As I walked from one end to another, I saw a group of children, neatly dressed, queuing towards the stage. Soon every child found space and the stage was set for orchestra to lead Christmas carols. And then it began, one after another, some familiar and other forgotten, lifting the spirits and mood.

I walked around the church yet again. There were food, souvenir stalls and happy people all around, and that happiness was contagious, making you feel privileged and hope in better things.

The party was supposed to end with Santa Claus making an appearance and distributing gifts to the children. I wanted to stay back and witness it but had some other business to attend. I walked out of the gates and much to my surprise found a dressed up Santa waiting outside for his cue. There, out in the street, somewhere in Soldier Bazaar.

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One Comment on “City Faith – Christmas Carols in Karachi”

  1. January 15, 2017 at 6:47 am #

    Very cute post! Merry Chritsmas

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