A Selection of the 30 Most Disappointing Under 30 (Karachi Version)

<After The Newyorker’s in Daily Shouts>

Disclaimer: This article is categorized as satire and is a work of fiction

Aasim Virk, 24

Took a course on ‘Social Revolutions’ and was so moved that he attended Labor day rallies on 1st May. Got sunburns and never went back.

Inam Shaikh, 27
Signed up for Mixed Martial Arts fight last month. Listening to ‘Eye of the tiger’ has been extent of his training.

Aamir Yazdani, 26

Tried to emulate Jack Ma. Applied to KFC to get rejected but they hired him. Works on Khayaban-e-Badar branch now.

Hamna Hanif, 28

Used online delivery app for the first time. Ordered a burger and got one without patty.

Athar Jamal, 29

Thought Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed were siblings.

Sanam Nasr, 25

Visited Karachi Biennale and walked past installations without noticing them.

Wassi Sheikh 28

Started ‘Soul Brothers’ on Facebook. It has 16 members and a total of four posts three years since its inception.

Salman Ghazni, 29

Lost the count of ‘M’ in ‘Unremember’ while getting it tattooed.

Hameed Khan, 29

Lives in Clifton. Tried to be a Careem Captain for a day and the first client that he got was for Sohrab Goth.

Anam Nisar, 25

Did her Masters in Social Development from UK. Worked for a bit after moving back to Karachi and realized that she could not empathize with poor.

Humair Ahmed, 22

Went into a 2D movie screening wearing 3D glasses.

Rameez Khan, 27

Launched a successful app and sold it for 2 crores. Used the money to sponsor his MBA in States.

Samran Kazi, 26

Got a degree in Law. Never practiced. Only engaged in pointless debates and won them all.

Farrukh Naeem, 23

Used car key as pokey and got his ignition choked. Got stuck at French Beach for a day.

Saniya Naqvi, 26

Studied like a nerd at school to be a good Engineer. Studied like a nerd at Engineering school to be a good Engineer. Worked at a remote location to be a good Engineer. Joined HR as soon as the company offered her an alternative.

Kamran Alam, 27

Fainted in the labor room.

Alizey Salam, 26

Have not finished any of the 13 books that she purchased from last edition of Karachi Literature Festival.

Aman Akleem, 27

Signed up for gym three years ago. Went there three times. To pay annual subscription charges.

Jamal Ahmed, 24

Made a ‘V’ in each of his selfies in 2017.

Sofia Azmat, 26

Wanted to explore Urdu Literature to get it touch with her roots. Brought a compilation of most important Urdu short stories. Translated in English.

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