City Hangouts – Cafe Victory, Napier Road

Just like all other Irani cafes in Karachi, Cafe Victory is also on the intersection of two roads i.e. Napier and Grant road. However accessing it from Grant Road could be an unpleasant experience. The road gets narrower as we approach the intersection. There is a Kachra Kundi on the left and lots of food stalls on the right. There is no chance that you can park your vehicle there. Approach it from II Chundrigar road and turn left on Napier Road. Cafe victory is 100m from there on your left.

As the legend goes, just like any other Irani cafe in the city, it was thronged by students and journalists who studied or worked in the vicinity. Probably it still does. Sindh Mardrassat ul Islam is close by and several Media houses too. However the old world calm has been replaced with a sense of urgency. It is in the waiter’s stride and the way people talk to each other while quickly running through their meals. Maybe i am romanticizing the old world charm which was never there to begin with.

The menu has a lot of fast food alternatives but old favorites such as chullu kebab still find their space. The old tiles are still there and so are bentwood chairs. The high ceiling gives a spacious feel despite cafe having not too big a space. There is a family section upstairs but is rather congested and we find most of the families hanging out in the main section. The food is a hit and miss. Don’t go there if food is the only priority.

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One Comment on “City Hangouts – Cafe Victory, Napier Road”

  1. Jameel
    September 24, 2019 at 1:09 pm #

    Love those tiles. They were there in the bungalow in garden east where we lived adjacent to the St. Lawrence Church…circa 1959 to 1963 !

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