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City Shopping – The Butcher Section at Empress

One of many arteries of Empress Market. The Butcher section at Empress reminds us that Empress Market might be the first hyper mart of the region with separate portions for each category of common household needs. The butcher section however is in the most dire state right now. The roof is tearing apart. Situation on […]

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City Shopping – Buying books at Frerehall

Shakespeare consolidated. Life of PI Illustrated. Ramayan translated. Yusfi essays combined. Memoirs of Che Guevara showcased. Tom Sawyer’s adventures merged in one. Chicken Kiev’s recipe selling at one end and Manto looking from another. Buying books at Frerehall is one hell of an experience. One you cannot judge by mundane standards. The books you find […]

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City Shopping – Buying books at Regal Chowk

Surreal. There is something with this setting which makes it surreal. The street in question is just another street at Regal Chowk, full of saddar-esque trash, dirt and overflowing sewerage water. There are shops selling everything from a transistor to the promise of a lustful life. There is not anything spectacular about this street. It […]

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