City Weekend Plans – Prehistoric Rock Art in Dadu

A Winter Weekend Getaway. Dadu should be more frequented by people in Karachi who seek adventure. The landscape is harsh but dramatic. The people are less talkative but friendly. The roads are patchy but lead to experiences that you could only dream of in big towns. It is not a long drive from Karachi. This was my third trip to Dadu. You can read about earlier trips here and here. I hoped to write about this experience much earlier but could not, primarily due to lack of any technical knowledge about the rock art which one could find in abundance around Gaj Nadi in Dadu. I still don’t know a thing about rock art and only have few memories of a road trip that I undertook couple of years back. But I do remember the euphoria that comes out of knowing unknown. The euphoria of making a discovery. I hope that you visit Dadu sometime in your life. I hope that you take a dip in Gaj Nadi or drive up-to Gorakh Hill or spend a night on Badro Jabal gazing at milky way. A friend gave me an advice once and I shall pass on to you. Go out and hit the road and make stops in small towns but do that with an open mind, or else the people and the buildings and even the skies and the landscapes close down on you.

Miskeen Laghari, my guide from earlier trip took us to Malango Jabal and Salari, two areas with most number of rock art sites around Gaj Nadi. The rocky road which connected both areas was carved out by an oil drilling company. While it made both areas accessible it also posed great risks to the site as more visitors have gotten access to these sites and have deformed some already. Proximity to oil drilling sites could pose threat to these sites also as Rocks have fallen off in layers at few sites.

Two years since that winter, I only hope that these sites have survived.

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