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City Culture – Ustad Abdul Rashid Dhol walay Shop

How many dhol shops have you seen in the city? Where would you expect them to be? Certainly not at the intersection of Korangi and Landhi Industrial area! Well, there is the surprise for you. There are not one but three dhol shops there. “Why here?”, I could not resist asking the shopkeeper when I […]

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City Walk – Ibrahim Haidri Fish Harbor

It is amazing how Karachi landscape and life style changes every kilometer. From Kemari to Clifton, From Clifton to Defence, From Defence to Korangi, From Korangi to Ibrahim Haidri. Vibrant and Colorful. Karachi at its best. Ibrahim Haidri is one of the oldest settlements in what became Karachi City. Due to the creek and abundant […]

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