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City Landmarks – The water trough near Merewether Tower

Another water trough that has survived the brunt of changing times and values. The last one that I documented was near Pakistan Chowk and both of them are not very different from each other. Both of them were built with Gizri stone. Both of them served the same purpose. Both of them were donated by […]

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Karachi Landmarks – The Merewether Tower

Beautifully Carved. Elegantly Designed. Adorned with Mysterious Motifs. Merewether Tower is a well-known landmark. Or rather, a very well-heard one. Thousands pass by the intersection between MA Jinnah and II Chundrigar road where it stands proudly reminding us of Karachi’s glorious past. Very few ever take a second to contemplate on its existence. Why is […]

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