City Landmarks – The water trough near Merewether Tower

Another water trough that has survived the brunt of changing times and values. The last one that I documented was near Pakistan Chowk and both of them are not very different from each other. Both of them were built with Gizri stone. Both of them served the same purpose. Both of them were donated by generous denizens of Karachi. The one at Pakistan Chowk still bears the inscription while the one near Merewether tower does not.

Instead there is a plaque lauding restoration work and rightly so. But it would have been nice if the authorities had mentioned the name of donor and the person it was named after. Arif Hassan sahab in his article on water troughs mentions this water trough to be named after ‘Pahlajrai Revachand Panjabi’. Not much is known about the gentleman but May he rest in peace.

It’s really difficult to take a note of it if you are driving yourself. If you are coming from II Chundrigar in the direction of the port you will find it on your left a little after crossing Merewether tower. This water trough must have played a central role in people’s lives in the age of animal drawn carts but now people only stop by to wait for their bus or take a break under the shadow of Neem tree which shelters the trough like an umbrella. Trees and Troughs. There should be more of them. In times of heatwaves and global warming.

There is a gentleman who sells lemonade under Neem Tree’s shadow, right in front of the trough. There is a wall behind water trough which has shinning tiles which are in sharp contrast to the muted elegance of this simple structure. The restoration has saved the trough but it still did not put water connection in place.

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