City Landmarks – Amchem Goa

On the Instagram page, it says that Amchem Goa is love and we agree. This cute little family run shop is off Mansfield Street near Zahid Nihari in Saddar. It is small and not particularly well stocked but has all the charm of a small family owned business in a small community. Where you can strike a conversation with the owner and learn something new or get to know the story behind every recipe. Where you can have assurance that what you buy is an extension of the choices they make for their own families. For the strange, unsettling times that we live in, this means much.

It’s a pity that we don’t have a lot of specialty food joints in the city. Even the once successful Irani restaurants are shutting down or selling zinger burgers to survive. There isn’t a single Goan restaurant in the city! While some of the food business do sell Goan curries, there isn’t one with a wider range or dealing in more specialty items. Amchem Goa is not a dine place either and don’t seem to have a capacity to offer a wider takeaway menu but they do have an eclectic mix of Goan goodies, organic personal care and jewelry ready to be picked-up. You can expect to find Goa jaggery dodol, Brinjal Pickle, Choricos Mas, Guava Cheese, Channa Doce and order takeaway items such as Prawn curry, Vindaloo and Tisreo Curry. The mix seems to be in constant evolution as friends of the business offer their goodies to be added to the merchandise. In the era when a lot of small businesses are struggling to operate from traditional shops, Amchem Goa is a welcome news.

Due to the lockdown, store timings keep changing. If you plan to visit then do check their instagram page.

Amchem Goa – 2021

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