City Landmarks – The Seaview Park

We all knew that a park existed beside McDonald’s at Seaview. But very few will know that DHA has extended it further. There are no boundaries or pathways. Its a patch of few acres developed with nothing but grass. It provides a surreal view of Arabian Sea. With greenery. and without elite membership. People have appreciated the effort and flock in.

Families visiting the flower show spent few minutes relaxing their muscles. A couple sat nearby. Two pathan children were practicing judo in what appeared to be an instant break away from their work at Seaview. Pigeons were munching on the leftovers hanging in the grass. Seasonal flowers were in full blossom. A cloud covered the sun and the winds instantly turned colder. A child got edgy with the pace of his parents and ran away to an informal border between the grassy patch and sand. He stood there watching the sea for a while. with awe. his imagination free of mundane earthly worries.

It was beautiful.


Categories: City Landmarks

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