City Notebook – Celebrating Independence Day at Indus Hospital

There are many ways to celebrate the national day. By listening to patriotic songs, raising the flag at your workplace, sleeping out in your bed or by discussing the futility of nationalism. W-11 Studio utilized the occasion to spread smiles across some pretty faces in Children section of Indus Hospital.

The Indus Hospital is near Korangi crossing (past CBM at the main intersection). The children section is tiny as compared to the overall size of the hospital. Another post is required for documenting the good work done by Indus Hospital. It’s facilities are comparable to any other hospital in the city but at the fraction of the cost. The area around Korangi crossing is inhibited by labor working in many factories around. Viral diseases are common across children. There are very few health and education facilities in the area. But where state fails, people rise up to the occasion. Indus Hospital is a shinning example of Karachi wallas’ philanthropy.

W-11 STUDIO gave a chance to the children to have a national day to remember. W-11 STUDIO gave a chance to volunteers to have a national day to remember. There were smiles, balloons, colors, paintings and souvenirs. A cake was cut in the end. The whole session was short and sweet. Join the fan page on Facebook to ride along and discover a side of Karachi that you may never.

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