Flora and Fauna of the Urban Jungle – Act One

[Photos by Zain and text by The Karachi Walla]

Kaed Baharan, Mehr-e-Nigaaran, Lutf-e-Junoon, Mausam Gul ke sab sarmai mere thai

What does it take to live to the fullest, cherish the small details, the nature at our disposal and survive somehow in the Urban Jungle. The City is dangerous. For all of us. But what the hell. Take a moment out while you breath and seek inspiration from the flora and fauna around.

Thanks to Zain and his series aptly called “Flora and Fauna of the Urban Jungle”, we see a side of Karachi we miss somehow. Probably we wait for a milestone before we let ourselves be happy; earning a shit load of money, immigration abroad or a better job. It does not  work this way. Safar hi asl-e-hayat hai. Open your senses to the flora and fauna of the Urban Jungle. Our City of Lights.

Categories: Flora and Fauna of the Urban Jungle

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One Comment on “Flora and Fauna of the Urban Jungle – Act One”

  1. December 23, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

    Interesting photographs

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