City Life – Buying Green at Paper Market

Paper Market is a fantastic place. The market gets a different makeover throughout the year as we progress from one festival to another. Independence day is perhaps the busiest festival for the retailers at Paper Market.

I entered the market from Shahrah-e-Liaquat. It was Sunday and the busy thoroughfare was void of regular traffic. However it started getting congested as I reached closer to the market. I expected it to be crowded. But it was beyond my wild guess. There were thousands of men, women and children. There were hundreds of stalls in addition to the regular shops which were overflowing with merchandise.

There was hustle and bustle that you associate with Happy Days, Peace and Prosperity. 70 Years of freedom!

The beautiful balconies above Paper Market have been plastered with cement. There was sewerage water overflowing in the Market that day. There was uncontrolled traffic on both ends. There was encroachment and broken wires. A lot of people must have negotiated with poor transport system to get there. It makes you wonder at the resilience that our middle class exhibits time and again despite facing constant disappointments.

As someone wise once said, Fear is contagious, but so is Faith.

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One Comment on “City Life – Buying Green at Paper Market”

  1. Asma ibrahim
    August 20, 2017 at 10:18 pm #

    Am impressed by your work and love for Karachi, would you like to present something like this for Karachi Conference in October this year. Please send me an email on ( Thanks Dr. Asma ibrahim, President, Karachi Conference foundation.

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