City Hangouts – The far side of Native Jetty

An instant favorite. One of the top places to observe people in Karachi. It could smell bad and some may find creek’s polluted water filthy. The other side of the creek is much cleaner belonging to clubs and hotels. They looked sad from where I stood.

Authorities have put metal sheets on both sides of Native Jetty bridge to discourage people from feeding Kites, and in some cases, jumping off. It did not discourage the entrepreneurial hawkers at the bridge from setting up an alternate. They shifted to the far end of the bridge which now attract huge crowds especially over the weekend. Weekend is when you should visit this place.

It’s a family hangout. Perhaps more popular with women. People come and buy dough and meatballs from hawkers and give it to their children who throw them at kites who eagerly wait and catch it expertly before it lands in the murky waters below. The ritual keeps on repeating as more people come. Some also dare to take a swim in dark waters. There is a boat ride too, at the fraction of the cost which one has to pay at Port grand – the other side of the creek. There are no life jackets though, and the boat is often overcrowded, for bottom-line is more important than safety.

You can see Karachi’s developing skyline from here. In a city of million dreams, some are more equal than others. A large part of Karachi’s coastlines is already out of bounds for commoners and it looks set to get even worse.



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