City Secret – Sadhana and Karachi

A Karachi Walla by birth. The queen of 60’s bollywood. The most promising style icon of her time. One of the prettiest faces ever. Sadhana was born on 3rd Sep, 1941 in Karachi. Her father belonged to Sindhi speaking Shivdasani family and named her after his favorite actress Sadhona Bose. Sadhana was the only child and was home-schooled by her parents until the family left Karachi. The family fled from Karachi during post partition riots. Karachi largely was peaceful but there were reported killings in Ratan Talao area in 1948.

Although the Shivdasani family encountered difficult times in Mumbai in the beginning, Sadhana did not take too long to mark her name. She was discovered by some producers in a college play. They cast her in India’s first Sindhi film titled Abana (1960). Subodh Mukherji, one of India’s leading producers, gave her the breakthrough in a Hindi film ‘Love in Simla’ (1959). She never looked back. Although early Indian cinema was male chauvinist and heroes were the talisman of the shoot but Sadhana’s record of successful movies ratio hints at her contribution in making the movie successful. Her presence as an style icon could be measured by the popularity of ‘the Sadhana fringe.’ It was actually inspired after Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyle to make up for her broad forehead.

She retired early due to serious health problems with her thyroid and did not come back to Indian Cinema as senior actress. It made her young and pretty for eternity in the minds of her fans.


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2 Comments on “City Secret – Sadhana and Karachi”

  1. Ian Stanley hapur wala now live in Perth WA
    June 29, 2019 at 4:06 pm #

    What an actor’s so many of her movies in the sixties God bless her sole Rip


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