City Life – The Car Cleaners at Do Talwar

These guys charge 100-250 for a car wash. Behind Irani Consulate, you could even see them from Do Talwar but it is when you drive from Mohatta Palace to Do Talwar that you see them waving in your face. Draped in Zainab Market clothing with yellow buckets for carrying water, you cant miss them even from a distance.

They are well organized. While multiple people take care of multiple cars, they are extra vigilant to potential customers slowing down in front of them. They have a loyal base with lots of repeat customers. They don’t have any fancy equipment but they still do a reasonable job with lots of commitment.

I ask him where do they bring water from and they tell me that they bring it from municipal water line.

“Its sweet and you can even drink it”, one of them tells me reassuringly

“Oh its a Peepal tree”, I get distracted and point towards the tree my car was parked under

He looks at it blankly. He had not noticed it either.

That water never reaches my home somewhere down the road in Clifton but I knew that I had benefited from it. These guys must have charged much more if they did not have access to it.







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