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First of its kind in Karachi. Cafe Bogie is one hell of an addition to the list of hangouts in Karachi. The lanes around II Chundrigar turn into ghost streets as soon as the offices close in the evening. Even the main road looks gloomy late in the night. Therefore when you drive from Shaheen Complex towards tower late in the night, you can’t help but notice the illuminated bogie on your left, right before City Railway Statio, possibly with a dressed up coolie waving menu at the cars.

You don’t have to park on the main road. Just turn left from Main road into City Station, cross railway Police station and turn on your first left. Go straight and you will see a lot of people hanging out a roadside tea stall. Cross them and you will see a lane leading to the Bogie. Ask people if you still get confused. Cafe Bogie is a well known landmark already. There is ample parking space and also an open sitting area outside the bogie. You get the feel of hanging out in public spaces, with refreshing wind on your face.

The food is below average. They only serve Pizza and couple of varieties of Sandwiches. The waiters are over zealous which could be a little annoying. The decor inside the bogey is poor with flashy lights and rather misplaced balloons. However you still get authentic feel of dinning in a railway bogie. From the windows you can look at curious pedestrians and motorcyclists. You can also sit outside in front of the bogie if its too warm inside. The outside of the bogie is illuminated with fairy lights which looks nice. Full points for novelty.

Verdict: Cafe Bogie should survive.
















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One Comment on “City Hangouts – Cafe Bogie”

  1. May 6, 2016 at 9:24 pm #

    Wow!! This looks good and something new. As you said, food they serve is below average but I think this place deserve a try.

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